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A protocol for applications VS a service for users

A protocol for applications vs a service for users
Consensus vs democracy
Adversarial assumptions vs finger-crossing
An inflation-free, censorship-resistant & bearer asset vs an open, cheap & fast payment system
Disrupting national currencies, central banks & finance vs Disrupting VISA, MasterCard & Paypal
Samson Mow vs Brian Armstrong
Decentralized infrastructure vs Cloud infrastructure
Trace Mayer vs Roger Ver
Nick Szabo, Bram Cohen & Joi Ito vs Rick Falkvinge
Adam Back vs Olivier Janssens
The open-source community vs "the industry" vs
An experienced team open to anyone to contribute vs a new team where the misfits get erased
Technical merit vs lobbying
94% vs 6%
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Grey Mirror #4, Joi Ito: Applying a Systems Paradigm to Cryptocurrency. Rhys Lindmark . Follow. Jan 24, 2019 · 1 min read. This is the 4th episode of MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative ... By Joi Ito , via Wikimedia Commons. Chaum’s managers’ mutiny and demand that he resign as CEO. He bends down and appoints two of the mutineers as new managing directors. He’s retiring. Shortly thereafter, the mutineers quarrel and most leave the company. But despite these paranoid-chaotic conditions, investors continue to believe in the product. However, the end of DigiCash is being ... About. Joichi "Joi" Ito is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, writer and scholar focusing on the ethics and governance of technology. As an activist, he works to tackle complex problems such as ... Impact Investment Metrics and Their Limitations. By Joi Ito and Louis Kang. As the pile of philanthropic money aimed at solving the world's problems grows, the desire for assessment and rigor has pushed experts to develop metrics to measure impact and success.. But our world's biggest problems -- climate change, poverty, global health, social instability -- don't easily lend themselves to ... I'm still excited about Bitcoin in the long run and generally down on the fintech venture and ICO environment in the short term. I think it's important to do core research on the protocols. I think Tadge's work is important and very good. permalink; save; context; full comments (83) give award; I'm Joi Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab. I'm leading the selection committee for the Media Lab's ...

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Highlight: Joi Ito on ICOs at Scaling Bitcoin - YouTube

"Everyone who is issuing an ICO needs to sit down and meditate and say 'Why am I doing this?'. If it's really for making society better, then you should try ... Joi Ito, director del MIT Media Lab, responde by El Futuro Es Apasionante. Joichi Ito: 6:12. Play next ; Play now; MLTalks: Christine Sun Kim and Joi Ito (with audio) by MIT Media Lab. Joichi Ito ... Joi Ito "Do-Fest" talk in Marrakech on Climate, Fiddling with Systems and Violins - Duration: 42:12. Joichi Ito 3,429 views. 42:12. PILOT DIES, Passenger Lands King Air - Duration: 43:07. ... We took a tour of the Museum of Bitcoin, a pop-up installation at 2019 North American Bitcoin Conference. With rooms on the Silk Road, Anonymous, Bitcoin Pizza, and more, it was definitely a trip ... Bitcoin Security and Ethics with Neha Narula ... 47:01. Davos 2017 - An Insight, An Idea with Joichi Ito - Duration: 31:58. World Economic Forum 14,759 views. 31:58. Conversation with Jamila Raqib ...