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Interesting and educational video lectures to present a software engineering team

My team has a tradition of taking one hour a week to watch video lectures as a broad technical enrichment promotion.
I'm asking here if anyone knows a good repository that collects such lectures. Less than 1 hour Of some technical nature Well explained Preferably captivating
Please note that TED lectures prove to be too high level, and lack just a little bit of technical explanation to leave an engineer with that feeling of "I now understand something a little bit deeper". Also, it's hard to use youtube's advanced search for such broad terms.
Here are some lectures we've hosted:
  1. Bitcoin - Distributed ledger, and how it works 1.1 This was an in-depth study including the math behind the proof of work concept.
  2. Gradle - Novice to master 2.1 This was an exploration into an alternative build system to maven, which everyone was familiar with.
  3. SSH encription - how it works 3.1 This was a curiosity of one of our team mates, also heavy with math
  4. Raft consensus algorithm 4.1 This was about how reliable replication can be achieved in a distributed system. There was an explanation of the problem space, and a run through the solving algorithm
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Bitcoin Reaches $10,000 and Ethereum Hits $300+  What's Next? Crypto Maven - YouTube Payara Server 162 New Features - Deploying Maven Artifacts in Payara Micro CI 7 - Architecture [Installing Nexus & Configuring maven to use nexus as mirror] Aula 7 - Configurando o repositório local do Maven

Gradle is compatible with different repository formats like Maven and Ivy. Understanding Dependency Management in Gradle . Repositories are used in Gradle for dependency management. There are two components to Gradle dependencies: dependencies and publications of the project. When you build a project on Gradle, you will probably need libraries from other developers. Suppose you need the Apache ... Name Email Dev Id Roles Organization; Chris Stewart: stewart.chris1234<at> christewart Repositories; bitcoinj; bitcoinj 0. A library for working with Bitcoin. Homepage Github Gitter Developer Star Fork Watch Issue Download. I use Coinomi/bitcoinj Build status: Coverage status: Welcome to bitcoinj. The bitcoinj library is a Java implementation of the Bitcoin protocol, which allows it to maintain a wallet and send/receive transactions without needing a local copy of Bitcoin Core ... Version Repository Usages Date; 0.15.x. 0.15.8: Central: 3: Mar, 2020: 0.15.7: Central: 1: Mar, 2020: 0.15.6 Always use the final releases from the official upstream repositories in your own code. You can rely on the releases, but again it is better to use official upstream repositories for projects that are forks. Configuring your downstream projects to use this repo. To allow Travis builds that use Maven artifacts that are not in Maven Central, provide the following entry into your parent POM ...

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Bitcoin Reaches $10,000 and Ethereum Hits $300+ What's Next?

After downloading eclipse, this is how you setup for maven and copy a dependency into the pom.xml file. Follow our Java textbook here: Find us on Facebook: cryp·to·cur·ren·cy ˈkriptōˌkərənsē/ noun noun: cryptocurrency; plural noun: cryptocurrencies; nou... This short video demonstrates how to use the new deployment option for Payara Micro – deploying artefacts from Maven repositories. This new feature allows you to deploy an application to a ... Maven Repositories Demo with Nexus Repository - Duration: 10:43. Dulani Wallace 4,803 views. 10:43. Maven Tutorial 01 Part 2- Introduction and Setting up - Duration: 7:55. ... Material de apoio para a Feira Goiana de Software Livre 2015 Mostrando como configurar o repositório local do Maven na máquina de Integração Contínua.