Bitcoin Linux Command Line

Relaunching: - Anonymous, no-registration, no-fee, no-frills Bitcoin Cash mining! [X-post /r/btc]

Background: I launched Luckypool before Bitcoin Cash was a thing. Back then it was BIP 109. I am now relaunching Luckypool as a full fledged Bitcoin Cash mining pool.

Info from the homepage:

Welcome to is a new Bitcoin Cash mining pool running on Bitcoin Unlimited




Limited statistics can be found at Stats will refresh once per minute.


What payout scheme does use?
SPLNS - Score Per Last N Shares.
Do you collect a fee to support the pool?
No. There is no fee collected. The entire block finding reward (transaction fees + block reward) will be paid out according to the SPLNS method to all miners who qualify. If you would like to support this pool becase you found a block here (or are just feeling generous), you can donate BCH to 1J6fMjjoWi8fC7ErDT2oXf7JgLjMEEENNq.
Are transaction fees included in the amount I will get paid out?
Yes. Transaction fees contained in a block will always be contained in the payout for that block when the block is found. will pass along those transaction fees.
What kind of mining do you currently support?
Currently we support SPLNS mining. Solo mining may be coming soon (tm).
How do I mine here?
Please see the section labelled "Configuration".
Is affiliated with any existing or former pools?
No. At this time is not affiliated with any existing or former pools, including
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