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Holo: A dreamer or a terminator?

Project Rating:
The level achieved: A-
Total Score: 7.66
I. Project Introduction
Holo (hot) is the first app of Holochain, and it is also a pass/fuel to Holochain's. Holochain is not a blockchain, but a Holochain. It is a decentralized application platform built on the basis of distributed hash table (DHT) technology. Its feature is that every user on the network can have its own security classification chain, can operate independently, can interact with other devices on the network and can increase data by itself. In addition, it can merge, split, interaction between the chains. It can realize the edge of the decentralized computing, and extended, centered by agent, and then achieve the horizontal and vertical expansion. The Holo chain is a new data storage and transmission mode, which can be used for any terminal device similar to a smartphone. They can run independently, become part of a peer to peer network, and can not be connected to a centralization server. In this way, Holo chain developers can build distributed applications and services on this basic, protecting users' privacy, allowing users to obtain their own data.
II. Project Evaluation
2-1: Market Analysis:
Scored: 1.67/Out of 2.1

2-1-1: Market Space
Network security, users' data and property rights, and trusted value circulation and transfer are the main priority that internet giants aim to build in various clouds. it is also a strong back up for rising blockchain technology. The applied value of the Holo chain also lies in this and has the opportunity to become a strong one that can not be ignored in this market.
For example, cloud services revenues represented by Amazon are increasing by more than 30 % annually, reaching more than 250 billion dollars by the end of 2017. Amazon, Google, and other large companies dominate the cloud computing industry.
Holo chain represented as the next generation encryption application level platform is based on the encrypted money market under the Ethereum (ETH) intelligent contract. Let's take a look at the data of September 2017.
According to preliminary incomplete statistics, the monthly transaction volume reaches hundreds of billions of us dollars, and various applications are continuing to generate. The Holo chain is a supplement to the blockchain; The share price for competitors in the future depends on the application of the product and the common agreement of the users, the market potential can be measured by trillions.
2-1-2: Market Weakness:
Scored: 8
Blockchain 1.0 version is bitcoin. The technology of blockchain is abstracted from bitcoin, and a series of digital currencies are derived from BTC, such as BCH, LTC to DASH, MONERO, ZCASH and so on. Until now, the market value of these digital currencies is still at the forefront. However, improved 1.0 version will have a great potential to extend its extensibility.
Blockchain 2.0 is developed by Ethereum. It adds Turing's intelligent contract, which makes the trusted code become a reality, detonated the crowdfunding market and greatly expands its imagination. The various modules provided on the platform enable users who need to be applied on the ground to only combine the modules, greatly reducing the cost and improving the efficiency.
The custom version of blockchain 3.0 is led by EOS, to make changes for Ethereum, in order to overtake the previous version, along with the framework of graphene, using the DPOS consensus mechanism, to improve the scalability, stability, transaction costs, and congestion. To improve efficiency through the relative centralization of 21 nodes, balance security, performance, and centralization on this basis, to carry millions of business applications that are explosive and not to participate in the millions of users and blockchain investment. However, after multiple rounds of testing, EOS did not achieve the legendary effect. In fact, even if it can effectively improve the shortcomings of the Ethereum, its base structure can not fundamentally solve these problems of version 2.0.
Performance, scalability, congestion, high transaction fees, energy consumption and energy consumption will always suppress large-scale commercial applications. In order to secure the efficiency of the centralization system and at the same time, if security, de-centralization, and performance cannot be applied, do we have to think of another choice?
2-1-3: Compatibility
Scored: 7
Range in between: 7-8/Out of 10
Whether there is a blockchain 3.0 version and whether it can solve the defects of the version 2.0, it is still a question. So far, there is no effective way, and the reformed version of EOS at present can only be called version 2.5.
If we can't solve the flaw in blockchain 2.0 version, there will be no blockchain 3.0, it will be an opportunity for Holo chain who can reach the main network within 3 or 6 months. Taking a step back, there is a market worth trillion-dollar
2-1-4: Application Scenario
Scored: 8
Range in between: 7-8/Out of 10
A.Cloud computing

Cloud service is the application of Holo chain in the traditional digital world, which is completely different from the matrix model of Internet giants like Amazon, Facebook, it adopts a completely point-to-point decentralization model similar to the blockchain.
B.Operation mode
Purchasing preconfigured equipment or installing the holo app on the existing computer equipment, the system will run in the background and allocate spare computing power. When other users need hosting, your device will be able to provide storage and processing, through hosting distributed applications, you are supporting a website for authorized individuals and communities, in exchange, you can get Holo fuel, a micropayment encryption currency, which can be sold to others or used to pay for your hosting.
A fully point-to-point decentralized distributed cloud owned and run by individual users themselves.
2-1-5: Token Mechanism
Scored: 6
Range in between: 5-6/Out of 10

Holo Token Distribution Diagram:
75% use for sale
25% use for teamwork
Total circulation: 1776 billion
Sales (full circulation):1332 billion
ICO time:29/3/2018-28/4/2018
ICO price:10000HOT=0.0022671895(About a HOT=0.001 RMB)
The current unit price: 0.007 RMB
On the exchange:Hotbit、、IDEX、Bilaxy、Mexc
The distribution of tokens and the extra large circulation of tokens can be de-centralized in terms of ecological construction and will be beneficial to the operability of application users. However, the speculation on the price of tokens will have some adverse effects. It took only three days from the end of ICO to the first exchange to go online,the exchange is still very concerned about the value that may be generated behind ICO, Whether you can log on to the mainstream trading platform ( e.g. value-oriented system Bian ) before you go to the main service online trading platform will play a key role in the price trend after it.
2-2: Active Level
Total Scored: 0.56/Out of 0.7
Range in between: 7-8/Out of 10
Facebook has 2263 users, and its content posts are active. Recently, the introduction of hardware devices has taken up a certain amount in overall amount.
There are 1472 fans on Twitter and 722 tweets. The registration time is 2017 August, and the update of tweets is still very frequent.
There are 7723 members on the telegram, and the members are very active
Multiple official communities have been set up at home
In general, the official initiative is not enough. It is more from the bottom up,or the official energy is more focused on product development.

2-3: Risk Assessment
Total Scored: 0.42/Out of 0.7
Development difficulty:
Range in between: 7-8/Out of 10
Holo chain brings up a concept that uses the proxy as center manager, let the users decide when it is the right time to maintain consensus, which means that when the A and B have reached consensus, only until the developer C uploads the code, three of them do not need to reach a consensus. Each node can have its own source of truth, only when there is a need to share with other nodes, the Holo chain with DHT technology is an underlying structure, it continuously verifies distributed hash table (DHT). The main applications of the current application of DHT technology include BitTorrent, Git, Storm Botnet, Freenet, Yacy, IPFS, and Holochain. The first five applications belong to the traditional Internet technology application, and the latter two involve the current hot blockchain technology.
That is to say, DHT technology has been widely used in the traditional Internet, HDT technology has a strong background, and on the technical viewpoint, recently need more development of various modules based on DHT, and some modules of the blockchain are used for reference, so that the original difficulties has been reduced a lot, and the basic development over 2 years time has given it a bright future. Within a few months, the main network has laid a solid foundation. So overall, the difficulty level has been given to medium stage.
2-3-2: Degree of competition
Range in between:5-6/Out of 10
How to get the ecological system of business? Users need to establish the ecological system is the core element of the project. In the face of the ETH that promotes the commercial application of the blockchain and the establishment of a powerful ecosystem, NEO has also established a small ecological system, as well as the EOS and Ae, the competition between the main network of the public chain since ETH has never stopped after the attention has been paid. This is the future standard competition in the blockchain. The Holo chain uses a new application platform to compete with the entire chain to attract commercial users to build Dapp, which is much harder than from 1 to 100 than from 0 to 1.
If we confirm the feasibility of DHT technology, a lot of followers will be attracted by this, which will be a great threat to Holo chains.
2-3-3: Other Risks
Range in between:5-6/Out of 10
The main network will be available within following three to six months, and there is a much lower risk of a technical hit than a major subsequent change. Lacking operating members will also become a shortcoming. A lack of consensus may result in a risk that a small number of people sabotaging it that will greatly reduce efficiency.

2-4: Key Technology
Total Scored:0.95/Out of 1.05
Technology Innovation scored: 9
Range in between:9-10/Out of 10

Holo chain adopts DHT (distributed hash table technology) as the underlying technology, and DHT is a distributed storage method. This distributed network does not require a central node server, but each client is responsible for a small range of routing and is responsible for storing a small portion of the data to achieve the address and storage of the entire DHT network. The DHT network also replicated redundant information on the closest keywords to avoid single node failure. We can imagine the whole DHT network into a big city, so each client, like in every corner of the city, map fragments, mapping the terrain in the vicinity of above, after the summary, the fragments of the whole city came out.
DHT is a distributed storage and addressing technology. Through DHT data structure, it corresponds the KEY and VALUE in some way. Use the hash () function to map a KEY value to an index: hash (KEY) = index. In this way, you can match a KEY value with an index. Then the VALUE corresponding to this KEY value, it is stored in the marked storage space marked by index. In this way, every time you want to find the VALUE, the value will correspond to KEY, you only need to do a hash () operation to find it.

The Holo chain stores the whole network accounts distributed on the participating nodes and guarantees the book integrity and the searchable retrievability through the DHT addressing technology. Perhaps I have not made clear the key to the difference. The account book on the Holo chain is the same as the blockchain, which is a unified version of the whole network, but the book is not a copy of each person, but only a copy of the original, each of which is stored in part, and each person stores the parts related to their own transaction and state transformation. Holo officials often say that each of the words on the Holo is a chain. Of course, everyone has their own transactions, that is, their own chain, their own accounts, but their own accounts are also part of the whole net general ledger, through DHT technology and cryptography technology to make these divisions indivisible. The books stored by each node are unique and necessary. Compared with the blockchain, it greatly reduces the space and bandwidth of the duplicates and also preserves the advantages of the decentralization of the blockchain and the tampering of the blockchain.
2-4-2: Code Status
scored: 9
Range in between:9-10/Out of 10
The code has been open source and updated very frequently
The code is also approved and praised by professionals
2-5: Execution Status
scored: 0.84/Out of 1.05
Range in between:7.8/Out of 10
The method of project party propaganda is somehow different. It only shows the roadmap for this year. It shows the serious attitude towards it. It is true that some long-term development is difficult to achieve.
Online Alpha Edition; after ICO
In the 2nd quarter, we tested the online and offered Holo fuel to the early stage, while carrying out the safety audit and the ability to adjust DHT parameters and behaviors.
In the third quarter, the team has packed the equipment, using Holo fuel as the first transaction and released the version of alpha3 for the core application service of the main network.
In the fourth quarter, we completed one hundred million transactions per hour as a test. At the same time, we ran the Holo network on ten thousand devices and finally released the main chain public beta.
The implementation is online with progress, with a pity, that last year and this year’s progress cannot be displayed.
2-6: Team Evaluation
scored: 1.12/Out of 1.4
Investment team
Range in between:7-8/Out of 10
ArthurBrock as a founder and chief architect
In 1989, he graduated from Michigan State University, studying artificial intelligence, and interdisciplinary learning in computer science, linguistics, cognitive psycHology, and philosophy. In 2004, he was the chief technical officer and head of the money system design at Targeted currencies, and during that time he founded his own enterprise: Geek Meister, focused on the innovative monetary system and founded the MetaCUrrency Project company in 2008. The focus of technology development is Ceptr, trying to build an operating framework for distributed applications, to create a point to point platform for new shared resources, and to create a reliable protocol for free exchange of information by devices, and Holochain is the operating framework of distributed applications focused on ceptr projects. In 2016, the Holochain project was formally established and designed as a platform for the next generation of encryption applications to provide P2P distributed computing beyond the performance of the blockchain.
Eric Harris-Braun Chief executive officer of the co-Founder
He is also co-founder of the MetaCurrencyProject project, and co-founder of Glass bead software and free software developer Harris-braun Enterprises, a peer-to-peer network application provider. The company created a sophisticated data collection website. In 1994, he released the Internet directory, which sold more than 100 thousand copies and was bought by Google.
There are a total of 33 members, of which eight are the core positions of the Holochain predecessor, MetaCurrency Project when it was founded in 2008 and also as a Holo team.
The company has not hired advisers at this moment.
The founder has rich experience in the design of the monetary system, and the technical capability of the project team is very strong.
2-7: Risk Assessment
scored: 2.1/Out of 2.4
Overall, Social Circle has an average score of 7, take 30% of the overall score.
Project Summary:
To sum up, M dimension is 1.67 points, A dimension is 0.56points, R dimension is 0.42points, K dimension is 0.95points, E dimension is 0.84points, T dimension is 1.12points, community comprehensive score is 2.1points, total score is 7.66points, investment grade A- class, the comprehensive ability of this project is strong.

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